Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lazy Post

My family are too kind and Chocolate is too delicious today so just a few thoughts from Gene Kerrigan:

Memo to Mr Lenihan: Hard to believe, I know, but Anglo is not Ireland. Again: “We can’t go around repudiating our debts.” No one wants the State to repudiate our debts, but these are not “our debts”. They are the debts of private entities — banks, builder investors — who engaged in massive gambling games, and lost...

Memo to RTE reporters: stop referring to “our banks”. They are not our banks, they belong to private outfits. Even nationalised Anglo is not “our bank” — it’s run by a private coterie of highly paid managers who will do whatever benefits the bank, regardless of its effects on the citizens...

The media portray the typical trade union boss as a bumpkin version of Che Guevara. In truth, many of them come from the trade union wing of Fianna Fail — most of them love being allowed sit at the top table.

The purpose of the deal on offer is to get them back to that coveted place.

On every front, using threats and promises, a brazen class war has been unleashed against leaderless citizens. And it’s all working well, so far.

Well said Gene...the chocolate is too nice for a proper post...more 2morrow

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