Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter rising and the Mugabe Media Lockdown

Well well well

wellity wellity wellity

The anniversary of the Rising, what are we now 94years on, has passed off uneventfully with a solemn ceremony outside the GPO. Cowen, looking like a street drinker at a court appearance, watched on as the proclamation was read out, I wonder if he felt like the treacherous treasonous fuck that he is.

Some nieces of Kathleen Clarke made an appearance talking about how lovely the tea was or something...i dunno...and were quoted muttering about how lucky we are and how times were really bad in their day back in nineteen dickety doo.

Some priest made a speech about forgiveness and RTE and the papersgot ready to play their patriotic part..convincing us gombeens to support "our" banks through this hard time to pay back "our" debts and to move onwards and upwards together like the big happy community we are...They are drawing a line connecting the banana republic we have and the Republic that a very different kind fought for.

If Big Jim was here he'd tell us what it was like in reality.

In reality Clarke and the I.R.B not to mention fucking Connolly and the I.C.A would have had Cowen against the wall the moment the news broke that we had handed over our freedom to the banks and their property interests. There is just NO comparison. And to drag out Kathleen Clarke's elderly nieces to sit in the front row with our corrupt ministers and government is nothing more than a disgusting attempt to draw the connection between revolutionary heroes and the scum that claim to represent us...They have claimed the revolution for themselves.

Big Jim is immortalized outside the G.P.O. He'd tell us what it was like. He'd save us.

The Mugabe style media lockdown is now in full swing, they'll try and make us forget what theyve done, they'll push it to one side it will be all priests and planning permission for the next two weeks...the anger will die down in the gombeens and we'll all go back to Irelands got talent or your country your call or whatever other pathetic fake democratic patriotic shite they put on for us...Shit...The real patriotic act would be to take back our country...for us the people...
On Easter Sunday I dreamt this blog was a tobacco shop...I dreamt that there was a radical core plotting freedom in 2010 just as there was in 1914...
Until our heroes realise their destiny... dreams will be just that and I dont know what to do because... you know big Jim just isn't around to tell us the truth.

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