Thursday, April 8, 2010

A new KIND of revolution.

I was at a meeting tonight, organized by what i discovered to be a group of complete mongs. It advertised a plan of resistance to us being constantly raped by our overlords but what it really was, was a rally to join a particular political party.

Our resistance to this unbecoming and unfair molestation of our sdociety cannot be grounded in the past,we can't vote our way out of this. The problems we face will not be magically cured by electing Fine Gael or Labour or even the Socialists the very system itself is corrupt, the members we elect can only operate in the confines of the system that has been hijacked by private interests and big banking, big building and big business.

Neither will our problems be solved by the old fashioned resolve to take to the streets and violently overthrow our masters. Events in Thailand today would be a template for the Irish governments response I can gaurantee it. A sniff of revolt? cue draconian martial law and punitive measures.

Besides, the extent of the media lockdown on all things banking proves the control they have over the news outlets...any attempt to change things by force would at this stage be either unreported or described in criminal terms.

So what are we to do? We must look to the future, we should fight the current war not a war of the past. Individual revolution is our way forward, today I closed my bank account with A.I.B and finally organised(with unbelievable difficulty) payment through cheque from work. I will never directly give another penny to an Irish bank.
No more loans, credit cards, overdrafts...they can stick them all up their arse.

Fuck this, I feel so impotent, I want to march, I want to smash windows. But that must come later I suppose. But I feel strongly that the change we all desperatly want can only be achieved by increments.

Firstly we must hit them in their pockets(it hurts them the most)both through withdrawl of custom, denial of internet service and the vandalism of property.We will bring this government down! but not through the old fashioned
democratic means or through violence against our fellow human beings.

Our government of the future must be established through democratic systems and be fair to both business AND to the people, but first this corrupt system that stifles it must be destroyed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Global Economic Downturn... A new gameshow.

Watching that unbearable mongrel Mary Coughlan drip through her speech at the teachers conference clearly shaken by the total silence, was nothing short of hi-fucking-larious. Again good on the teachers.

Speaking of whom it's time to get a few things straight. It is not the teachers fault that your job is unbearably shite,its not the teachers fault that your boss fucking hates you and you get a measley 21 days a year holiday, it's not the teachers fault that you signed that contract that means you can be let go on 14days notice, that you have no pension,that your on a salary that doesnt allow for overtime...These things are YOUR fault, you think the public sector staff are treated better?mmmm how about fucking fighting to have Private standards improved instead of relishing the "arrogant" public service getting cut down to size.Why with us Oirish is it always a fucking sprint to the nadir.

This is a media myth this arrogant public service...the blood and guts of the public service are underpaid and overworked they are a decent bunch.There is an underbelly of filth in the public sector but you cant tar the pencil pushers and garda Keown who just saved a puppy with the same brush. You can tar all bankers and developers with the same brush though because they are all corrupt and they all eat puppies.Thats what I heard.

Now its rare that a grouping of teachers allowed for any kind of creativity but ... Coughlan said AGAIN that Irelands woes are down to the (drumroll) Global Economic Downturn, Irelands woes are down to your scubag puppetmasters robbing the people you mong. So I had a novel idea for a recession busting gameshow, hosted by Eileen Dunne, I call it : Let's hunt and kill anyone who mentions the Global Economic Downturn while handing over the GDP of Fucking Croatia to the roulette playing banks.

Its a simple premise but I think it could replace winning streak.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good on The TUI

The Mugabe Media Lockdown continues...Its oh so quiet...its almost as if nama and the recapitalisation was perhaps just another little piece of legislation and not the BIGGEST thing to happen in Ireland since it became a free nation. I remember fucking 17pages per day in every paper every goddamned week for 3months when Maddie McCann went missing...What the fuck like?Is this north korea?Can the media really be in their pocket?Can 2+2 really equal 5?

They hope all the anger goes away(which if I know us Gombeens, it will)and they can push on with their policies of enriching their wealthy overlords at the expense of the ordinary decent citizen.So good on the T.U.I today who rejected the policy of continuing rape of our services . Mr McMenamin stated:

"“Why is it that this Government will allow the three or four senior executives of this bank to escape their responsibilities leaving behind their personal debts running to over €100 million to be picked up by the tax payer while the books for schoolchildren are withdrawn and the pay of TUI members is cut to the bone and beyond?”

Indeed... why is that?oh fuck yeah I forgot... the senior executives are the ones pulling the strings that control that street drinker at a court appearance lookalike excuse for a fucking Taoiseach.Cowen and his cabinet will do as its told because the real bosses want their goddamned money back.

Anglo that benefits only the rich got 22Billion this year.
Schools and Universities that benefit every single person in this country, that educate our little children, that employ our neighbours and relatives, that provide essential service to EVERYONE in ALL of Ireland got 8 billion.

Doesn't sound much like a Republic to me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter rising and the Mugabe Media Lockdown

Well well well

wellity wellity wellity

The anniversary of the Rising, what are we now 94years on, has passed off uneventfully with a solemn ceremony outside the GPO. Cowen, looking like a street drinker at a court appearance, watched on as the proclamation was read out, I wonder if he felt like the treacherous treasonous fuck that he is.

Some nieces of Kathleen Clarke made an appearance talking about how lovely the tea was or something...i dunno...and were quoted muttering about how lucky we are and how times were really bad in their day back in nineteen dickety doo.

Some priest made a speech about forgiveness and RTE and the papersgot ready to play their patriotic part..convincing us gombeens to support "our" banks through this hard time to pay back "our" debts and to move onwards and upwards together like the big happy community we are...They are drawing a line connecting the banana republic we have and the Republic that a very different kind fought for.

If Big Jim was here he'd tell us what it was like in reality.

In reality Clarke and the I.R.B not to mention fucking Connolly and the I.C.A would have had Cowen against the wall the moment the news broke that we had handed over our freedom to the banks and their property interests. There is just NO comparison. And to drag out Kathleen Clarke's elderly nieces to sit in the front row with our corrupt ministers and government is nothing more than a disgusting attempt to draw the connection between revolutionary heroes and the scum that claim to represent us...They have claimed the revolution for themselves.

Big Jim is immortalized outside the G.P.O. He'd tell us what it was like. He'd save us.

The Mugabe style media lockdown is now in full swing, they'll try and make us forget what theyve done, they'll push it to one side it will be all priests and planning permission for the next two weeks...the anger will die down in the gombeens and we'll all go back to Irelands got talent or your country your call or whatever other pathetic fake democratic patriotic shite they put on for us...Shit...The real patriotic act would be to take back our country...for us the people...
On Easter Sunday I dreamt this blog was a tobacco shop...I dreamt that there was a radical core plotting freedom in 2010 just as there was in 1914...
Until our heroes realise their destiny... dreams will be just that and I dont know what to do because... you know big Jim just isn't around to tell us the truth.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lazy Post

My family are too kind and Chocolate is too delicious today so just a few thoughts from Gene Kerrigan:

Memo to Mr Lenihan: Hard to believe, I know, but Anglo is not Ireland. Again: “We can’t go around repudiating our debts.” No one wants the State to repudiate our debts, but these are not “our debts”. They are the debts of private entities — banks, builder investors — who engaged in massive gambling games, and lost...

Memo to RTE reporters: stop referring to “our banks”. They are not our banks, they belong to private outfits. Even nationalised Anglo is not “our bank” — it’s run by a private coterie of highly paid managers who will do whatever benefits the bank, regardless of its effects on the citizens...

The media portray the typical trade union boss as a bumpkin version of Che Guevara. In truth, many of them come from the trade union wing of Fianna Fail — most of them love being allowed sit at the top table.

The purpose of the deal on offer is to get them back to that coveted place.

On every front, using threats and promises, a brazen class war has been unleashed against leaderless citizens. And it’s all working well, so far.

Well said Gene...the chocolate is too nice for a proper post...more 2morrow

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Reading Jim Glennon's article in the Irish Times I should have been shocked to see an experienced politician admit what the golden boys really think of us gombeens: "Most voters are, somewhat naively, of the view that government policy is developed through a process of careful analysis, comprehensive consultation, and the selection and prioritisation of initiatives based on impact and thorough cost-benefit analysis"


Now Jim Glennon was a half decent rugby player but sold his soul and now can only be described as a dimwit mong and a goddamned company man...for him to say that voters NAIVELY fucking NAIVELY expect policies like Nama and hospital closure to be based on careful anaylsis had the effect of sending me sprinting for the toilet bowl.
Whats next Jim? Patients naively expect doctors to hold medical degrees
I know Jim parents naively expect nursery workers not to be child eating cannibals...Fucking naivety its a killer.

So Jim tell us what its like in reality...

"In reality, most government policy-making is based on an ad-hoc reaction to events/media-pressure, and driven by the responsible Minister’s particular requirement to be seen to announce something which seems at least semi-sensible."

So there you go people, right from thebig horsies ex Fianna Failed T.D openly states in the paper of record that MOST... fucking MOST government policy is ad-hoc, made up to save the face of whatever wanking minister is collecting 100k plus. Not to help us the public, not to save the children,the country or the schools NO its just to be SEEN to announce something at least half sensible.
Not FULLY sensible.Just half sensible. The utter contempt.

So there you have it... these poisonous fucks are so confident that us, the gombeen public will not try and take back our country that they can say and do whatever they godamned like.

Are we just gonna lie down and take it? Well are we?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Here we are, the puppet people, on day 3 of the biggest scandal in the History of the country...its time to take stock...of the last three, frankly head swirling days.
Here is the brutal details of our rape:

A political donation of 45 thousand million to prop up the banks or (fun stat) enough to feed and clothe 250,000 families of four for 45 years.

A complete and total sell out by the trade unions in response to the crushing sanctions imposed on the ordinary hard working public service workers...these are our nurses, our teachers, our gardai the people that ordinary people like you and I actually come into contact with. It became clear that the trade unions are now just instruments of the government.

The miscarriage of justice that allowed the directors of Anglo to steal 100million without fear while ordinary people are dragged before the courts on a daily basis for owing a measley couple of thousand that they really cant pay.

The dail allowing a staggering 5 yes 5 hours of debate fore this issue...with Lenihan and Coughlan flat out refusing to answer questions as to the details of the nama deal.The whole thing smacks of more croneyism...

Heres what it means for us who are law abiding and those who fragrantly broke the law.

For us this 80 thousand million will mean amongst many other things for us:worse schools, less employment, less dole when you do lose your job(you will), less doctors and nurses and even worse public transport.
For them and I include the millionaire politicians and union leaders in this... it doesnt matter in fact in some ways it helps them... their kids go to expensive private schools so no worries there, No employment ? no problem they have ministerial pensions, they have untold millions in the banks, lets see interest of well they fucking run the bank so interest rates of whatever the fuck they like again no worries on the the few bob for the races. Do you think these greedy fucks lie dying of a fucking untreated stroke on a trolley in a corridor of a regional hospital or ever had to stand one of the fucking 2 trains that run from Dublin to Cork at a normal time.They do in their fuck.

So we pay the price, we get a nice big wide one right up the arse and we dont even fucking squirm?Not even a flinch?

Screw that...this means war.
We must fight back we can't be pathetic all our lives...
An escalating campaign of civil disobiedience must be initiated until we get our fucking say...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who's really in charge here?

If Desmoulins was alive and well in Dublin in 2010 would he have uttered those famous words: "the great only appear great because we are on our knees"?
I think he would have said the great only appear great because we have dug ourselves a 40 foot trench and lopped our legs off at the knees"! its seems more apt for our situation.There is something weird, of the night you might say, about this whole situation with government. Why are experienced career politicians like Cowen committing suicide right in front of us like this...He knows he'll go down in History as the most unpopular leader of Ireland since her Independence...He knows he'll struggle to be re-elected...So why the FUCK in the name of God almighty is he so dedicated to saving Anglo...probably the most unpopular thing in IRELAND since god damned cherry coke? If he just let the bitch die and funnelled that bailout money into social programmes he'd have no worries...Cowen doesn't need this grief he's a career politician remember, he gets his job by being popular...If the developers lost that money then...shit that's capitalism...happens...Look if America lets Lehman Bros fail... then it's not about protecting sovereign debt, society and all that bullshit.

So what is it about?
Why so dedicated to saving Anglo and the banks??? Its because and surely this has become clear to even the gombeeniest of the gombeen public the banks and developers are the ones that are really in charge. We elect THEIR representatives and its so fucking obvious now that the puppet politicians do THEIR bidding:"We lost 80thousand million, get us our money back Brian...No backchat...don't forget whose in charge here Brian" You see isn't it obvious?the banks and developers are in charge, they make the goddamned decisions here!Thats why Fitzpatrick and Duffen can sit in their Villas owing millions without a care in the world...where as Mrs O'Carrol from down the road who owes 200 quid to her credit card is living in fear of the bailiffs...

So the public from the hardest working tradesman to that fella who does fuck all and just sits eating crisps at the end of the bar gets fucked harder and harder...If times get tough THEY spend the summer France instead of Barbados while WE lose our jobs,our homes and our opportunities.

Its time to take back OUR country...Spread the about this shite in the bar, in work, in bed before rumpy dumpy, write blogs, write to your politicians, take your money from the banks...shit i will support you if you smash windows and spray paint walls...They have taken so much now they'll never just give it back...maybe just maybe the words of Desmoulins do hold true: "The great only appear great because we are on our knees...Let us rise".

More tomorrow...