Friday, April 2, 2010

Here we are, the puppet people, on day 3 of the biggest scandal in the History of the country...its time to take stock...of the last three, frankly head swirling days.
Here is the brutal details of our rape:

A political donation of 45 thousand million to prop up the banks or (fun stat) enough to feed and clothe 250,000 families of four for 45 years.

A complete and total sell out by the trade unions in response to the crushing sanctions imposed on the ordinary hard working public service workers...these are our nurses, our teachers, our gardai the people that ordinary people like you and I actually come into contact with. It became clear that the trade unions are now just instruments of the government.

The miscarriage of justice that allowed the directors of Anglo to steal 100million without fear while ordinary people are dragged before the courts on a daily basis for owing a measley couple of thousand that they really cant pay.

The dail allowing a staggering 5 yes 5 hours of debate fore this issue...with Lenihan and Coughlan flat out refusing to answer questions as to the details of the nama deal.The whole thing smacks of more croneyism...

Heres what it means for us who are law abiding and those who fragrantly broke the law.

For us this 80 thousand million will mean amongst many other things for us:worse schools, less employment, less dole when you do lose your job(you will), less doctors and nurses and even worse public transport.
For them and I include the millionaire politicians and union leaders in this... it doesnt matter in fact in some ways it helps them... their kids go to expensive private schools so no worries there, No employment ? no problem they have ministerial pensions, they have untold millions in the banks, lets see interest of well they fucking run the bank so interest rates of whatever the fuck they like again no worries on the the few bob for the races. Do you think these greedy fucks lie dying of a fucking untreated stroke on a trolley in a corridor of a regional hospital or ever had to stand one of the fucking 2 trains that run from Dublin to Cork at a normal time.They do in their fuck.

So we pay the price, we get a nice big wide one right up the arse and we dont even fucking squirm?Not even a flinch?

Screw that...this means war.
We must fight back we can't be pathetic all our lives...
An escalating campaign of civil disobiedience must be initiated until we get our fucking say...


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