Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Puppetmaster Anglo Irish Bank

The fallout...well...The Irish excuse of a fallout continues.

So after the biggest social welfare package for fucking millionaires in the history of Europe what state did we wake up to this morning?The same indifferent shite... A few newspaper columns calling it horrific and a few water cooler chats filled with faux outrage. That's it. Nothing else.Zip. Nada.We have to accept we are no longer a Republic now...A banana republic maybe but not a Republic.

The main feature of a banana republic you ask, qualify that you say. OK here you go:"A collusion between the overweening state and certain favored monopolistic concerns, whereby the profits can be privatized and the debts socialized"

Does that sound familiar??? It sickens me that these millionaires who fucking cleaned up in the late nineties...(I remember their overwhelming arrogance when I was a student working in a cafe in about looking down on you)...don't have to pay...I DON'T CARE if the collective assets of these bankers and developers wouldn't make up a thousandth of the debt. I want to see the sheriff at their door repossessing every last thing down to the last sparkling trinket. That would make me feel better. I want to see them destitute...I want to see them against the god damned wall. You think if you owed even 10k they the sheriff wouldn't be beating down on your door at 6.30A.M?To take away every last fucking thing you own...leaving you just the fridge, your tools and your beds? Iv seen it fucking happen friends.No sheriff for them though, they're diffent from us...the taxpayer picks up the tab for them.

That sickens me...what sickens me more is the gombeen public. Where are our heroes?where are the men like Hobson,the poets like Pearse, the visionaries like Connolly?
We should be agitating for REAL change...revolutionary change.


What we'll get is an election(not when we want it, when they're good and ready)...We'll get the preferences and the votes for filling potholes, votes for the that bit of planning permission, votes for the old civil war divides all the same shite. I think its time for honesty. When you argue about who your voting for your really saying: " I think the puppet on the left represents my political stance...or... I think the puppet on the right is the one that will get us out of this mess"...TIME TO WAKE UP.

You should.... you just gave him 40billion quid.


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  1. It took the leaders of 1916 to blast the public out of their apathy. I'm afraid for most people a social conciousness does not exists until there is revolution. Trade union leaders should also be strung up. In professing to be something they're not they are almost as bad as the priests. Really, I sincerely believe that. They are helping to suppress any anger thats out there. It just takes one seriously brave and influential person to shout out at the right moment that the emperor has no clothes. How this is done is up for debate. Liking your blog so far by the way ;-)