Monday, March 29, 2010

Anglo Irish does it still have windows?

Confirmation is due this week from our fearless master of finance that the banks will receive handouts to the tune of a further 18 billion. That's 18 thousand million folks. Nama? that's another undisclosed number of billions on top, on top!!! I can't fucking fathom this, how can a government close hospitals,libraries,fly its cabinet around the world, watch twiddling its thumbs while employment disappears like a goddamn mirage AND just hand over 18 BILLION to the banks without as much as a muffled whisper from us, the gombeen public?
Everyone one of us has a friend or family member that has lost a job. Everyone one of us has lost income and opportunity.Not one of us has the options of a director of a bank.The option of just fucking off to live in America. You try owing 20million to the bank and packing your bags...shit if you tried to get out of paying 5grand...THE FULL FORCE OF THE LAW WOULD BE DOWN ON YOU LIKE A RANDY THAI PROSTITUTE.
How far does the stumpy diseased cock of the golden circle of have to be up our collective Irish arses before we realize that we are being raped?
Yet we just happily and quietly bend over and take it.Over and Over and Over again.Its like they slipped us something out of a head shop.Afterwards we all head down the pub for the single drink (that's all we can afford) and complain to each other about how sore our arses are...
If this was actually a Republic and our people had any backbone the streets of Dublin would be barricaded.Anglo Irish Bank's windows would be smashed every day of the week, incendiary devices would be lobbed through and people claiming links to Connolly,Clarke and Pearse would be dancing jigs naked around the smouldering ruins.

Then the gardai would arrive.The gardai would arrest the dancers instantly and brutally...the courts would find no sympathy...the sentence for vandalism of a bank or an oil company? 6 months in the slammer with no right of appeal...the sentence for vandalising our future to the tune of undisclosed thousands of millions? 2 more years of governance and a god damned blank check, signed sealed and delivered by our mind blowing apathy.

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